Monday, May 21, 2007

Straw Poll rundown 5/21 GA VT WI

Georgia, Vermont, Wisconsin - Hit the ReadMore for the results



Beat Gingrich in his home state!

FThompson 44pct
Gingrich 18pct
Giuliani 15pct
Romney 9pct
McCain 2pct


Beat Romney in his back yard!

FThompson 26pct
Romney 23pct
Giuliani 16pct
McCain 14pct
Gingrich 6pct


Beat Tommy Thompson in his home state!

FThompson 32pct
TThompson 27pct
Romney 13pct
Giuliani 12pct
Gingrich 4pct
McCain 2pct

Pretty good for a guy with no campaigning staff, compared to all the people Romney and McCain and Giuliani have hired

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