Friday, May 25, 2007

Prescient: A speech to CATO in 2000 by Fred

This is pretty far sighted of Fred Thompson to see the very issues that are bedeviling the nation now, in terms of partisanship and a lack of leadership form both parties. Think of how the Republicans abused their power in Congress and failed to lead - earmarks, Foley, etc. Think how the Democrats are failing to lead now. Think how Bush has failed to lead in failing to rally the nation. Think of the immigration amnesty disaster that is in front of the Senate now with Bush's stupid backing. Then read below, from before 9/11...

Leaders, I believe, still have the responsibility of reminding the American people of what is at stake. We now have peace and prosperity, and people prefer not to be bothered by Washington, which has been so disappointing to them in many ways. However, the pendulum swings, and when our nation faces its next crisis, and when we need leadership, and we need direction, and we need inspiration, who in government are the people going to be willing to listen to if their leaders have so abused our most cherished institutions, including the rule of law.

That to me is the most important issue facing us today, and how we resolve it will play a large part in determining our destiny as a nation.

Courtesy of Fred Thompson speaking at the CATO Institute in 2000

Hat Tip to Turk at Kung Fu Quip

By way of Amazing that he saw this coming.

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