Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fred Thompson: Out at Law & Order, in at the White House?

This was one of the last entanglements he had in terms of contracts to be fulfilled.

Fred Thompson will not return to NBC's "Law & Order" next season. Does this clear the way for a potential White House run? Conservatives certainly hope so as few are satisfied with their choices so far. However, NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly claimed no insider knowledge of Thompson's political plans, but his statement indicated the seriousness of Thompson's presidential musings. The former Tennessee senator has been making speaking appearances and blogging on issues in recent weeks as he considers a candidacy, reports the Associated Press.

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"It's pretty clear that Fred is going to be leaving the cast of the show no matter what," Reilly said at a news conference on NBC's fall schedule. He later left the door slightly ajar by saying it was "highly unlikely" Thompson would be back. Thompson certainly wouldn't return to prime-time network television if he chooses to run, he said.

Courtesy of Michael Amsterdam at the National Ledger

Looks like he is casting off the mooring ropes and getting ready to set sail...

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