Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why on earth are they still on their horses?

Very pithy print-media editorial from Indiana district whose Congressional representative endorsed FDT(Rep Buyer). Small Town America at its best. This is Fred's base,, which Giuliani McCain and Romney will never reach. Read below the fold for some chuckle-worthy chops on "the leading three" - for example: The "leading" contenders for the GOP presidential nomination have the excitement factor of a dippin' cup. HAH!

The Republican Party may have just received the answer to their Hillary Clinton problem — Fred Thompson. Wednesday, he met with 53 House Republicans, including Indiana’s Rep. Steve Buyer, who asked him to consider a presidential run.

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Buyer said one of Thompson’s attractions is “throughout his career, being President was not his paramount focus.”

In the 1980 TV miniseries, “Shogun,” based on the novel by James Clavell, the main character constantly insisted he had no desire to drawn into the intricate political intrigues that would lead him to the title “shogun,” or master, of feudal Japan. Of course, the series ended with the character saying, in a voice-over, “my destiny is to be Shogun.”

Thompson may not be pulling a shogun, but his timing is — intricate.

The “leading” contenders for the GOP presidential nomination have the excitement factor of a dippin’ cup. Arizona Sen. John McCain maintained his loyalty to the president’s war effort a bit too long. He scorched any credibility of being a pragmatic realist after his infamous tour of a Baghdad market, escorted by several platoons of heavily-armed infantry and two Cobra gunships, then declaring he felt just as safe as a newborn cradled in mommy’s arms.

Rudy Guiliani, former mayor of New York City, has to overcome being the former mayor of New York City, even though he performed heroically as a rallying point after September 11. He blew any chance of winning over the party’s “morals and family values” wing after his second divorce.

Mitt Romney? He’s a former Republican governor from Massachusetts — the political Fates have already given him all the slack he’s entitled to. Besides, on the issues Romney is hip-deep in spin and drilling deeper every day.

For them, it’s less “who are these guys” than it is “why on earth are they still on their horses?”

Courtesy of By Rod Rose of The Lebanon Reporter (Lebanon, Ind.) in the Meadville Tribune

Love that line: "Romney is hip-deep in spin and drilling deeper every day." - That is going in my mental quote file! As usual, read the whole thing - there's more at the link

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