Monday, April 2, 2007

They're noticing Fred Thompson in Chicago

From the heart of Obama country - here is a bit of chatter there about Fred Thompson and his looming impact on the campaign. Hit the link and read some of the comments -- some of the comments there are hilariously misinformed. There's also some reporting of the straw poll victories and poll results as well.

One of the lesser-noticed guests at that Washington dinner where Karl Rove danced to hip-hop lyrics this week was another, far more entertainment-oriented Republican, Fred Thompson, former Tennessee senator and active screen star, who plays the prosecutor in television's Law and Order. The draft-Thompson movement also is alive and well among fans of the Tennessean attempting to convince him to seek the GOP's presidential nomination in 2008.

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"The official website of the Draft Fred Thomson 2008 Committee,, is receiving more than 500 emails each day from people across the country hoping Fred Thompson joins the presidential race. On Thursday alone, the website received over 1000 responses of support.

"Voters are tired of trying to settle for the good and are increasingly looking for the best," said Dean Rice, treasurer of the Draft Fred Thompson 2008 Committee. "Polls show growing numbers are looking past the current field and focusing squarely on Fred Thompson. His principled leadership, optimism and vision remind people of where the bar for statesmanship should be set."

Courtesy of the blog of Mark Silva of the Chicago Tribune (Washington Bureau)

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