Thursday, April 19, 2007

House GOP Gush Over Actor Fred Thompson

One of the first stories about the April 18 meetings

WASHINGTON (AP) - The welcome for Fred Thompson wasn't just warm, it was effusive. The former Tennessee senator and actor is still weighing whether to run for the GOP presidential nomination but House Republicans who met with him Wednesday gushed over the prospects of Thompson candidacy.

They called him presidential, a leader, a proven conservative, an exciting prospect and "a breath of fresh air."

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"He was called presidential, and he was. He was told he was electable, and he is," Wamp said.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., said: "there was a breath of fresh air in the room today," while Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Ind., added: "he spoke as though he was a president." Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn., said people are looking for a candidate with a proven conservative voting record and "Fred Thompson's the man."

Even those congressmen who wouldn't yet commit offered praise.

"Very impressive," said Rep. Adam Putnam, R-Fla. "He has the charisma and the fortitude to lead our nation at what is a very difficult time." And Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., called Thompson a straight shooter, and said: "I'm looking for somebody that can excite America again."

Courtesy of Liz Sidoti at Breitbart

Actually a bit of a weak article - good photo of Fred there.

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