Friday, April 6, 2007

Why Fred Thompson's Day Has Arrived (AoTD 4/6-4/8)

A good look at where we are - and where we are headed, and why Fred Thompson is needed.

Something needs to decidedly change, or else the currently disastrous political tack of the Democrats may be solidified as a harbinger of America’s future, for however long the nation can endure under such gross misdirection. ... Throughout 2006, Republican compromise and capitulation to the big-spending, morally bankrupt agenda of the Democrats left the public largely disillusioned and demoralized. And that public sentiment was clearly reflected in the upheaval of the midterm elections, which shifted the country decidedly into the dominion of the Democrats.

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Oblivious to the fact that a watered-down party platform, which largely sidesteps true conservatism, is the primary reason for the GOP’s poor showing last November, party "moderates" (read: unprincipled liberals) strain to the left. Though by doing so they will neither garner Democrat support, nor will they re-ignite any enthusiasm among the conservatives who abandoned them last year.

The current lineup of Republican "frontrunners," led presently by former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani, epitomizes this mindset. But far from being a winning strategy, it is a recipe for disaster.

Enter the former Republican Senator from Tennessee. By the mere suggestion that he might consider running for President, Fred Thompson has completely upset the GOP pragmatists’ apple cart. Without even campaigning, he is presently polling beyond conservative pretender Mitt Romney. And he is coming on strong against McCain and Guiliani. ... Thompson holds several advantages over any of his early-bird competitors. With the exception of his previous support for campaign finance "reform," he has staunchly upheld the conservative/pro-constitution philosophy. Thus, he is not burdened by any pile of liberal baggage from which he must extricate himself. He need not attempt to downplay or recast his past, but instead he can extol it as proof of his long-standing conservatism. So, with mainstream America expectantly awaiting the entrance of a true Reaganite candidate into the presently wanting field of Republican presidential hopefuls, Thompson’s best bet is to simply be himself, and make no apologies for standing as firmly as he has.

Hope has arrived in the 2008 race for the White House.

Fred Thompson is needed to guide the nation off its currently self destructive path. This is a lot longer than my usual AoTD posts, but this is still only scratching the surface of what the writer had on his web page. This is the smallest excerpt I could carve and even so, its still large - yet still inadequate to contain the point well. Please visit the link and read it all - and give the Christopher Adamo his well deserved "hits" on his page.

Courtesy of Christopher Adamo at The Conservative Voice

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OrdinaryColoradoan said...

A masterful analysis of the campaign where it stands today - and why we need Fred Thompson to run.

Anonymous said...

Run Fred RUN

We need you!

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