Thursday, April 12, 2007

Inspiring the American Voter (AoTD 4/11-12)

Folks, this is a very good analysis contained in the article - not just about Fred Thompson, but also about the electorate - and the election in general. It deserves your full attention. In case you missed it yesterday, I'm leaving it up as a repeat today.

When fifty percent of the voting population no longer bothers to vote at all and the other fifty percent wish they could find someone who truly deserves their vote for the first time in their lives, what’s your next trick? The answer seems to be, draft Fred Thompson - I’ll get to why in a minute...

But if you step off of the merry-go-round of insane American politics, sit back for a wide angle glimpse at the insanity, take a deep breathe and listen to the white noise of modern day electioneering - you begin to wonder why anyone bothers to vote. Based on the “who” we have to choose from, “what” are we voting for? Fact is, we aren’t voting for anyone, but against the others...

[The Rest of the Story a Very Limited summary]

Collectively, the nation seems sick and tired of all of them and no matter the party affiliation, only a Washington outsider who is not a career politician can capture the imagination of the average American voter and inspire them to self-greatness through good old fashioned self-governance.

Only someone truly different can make a real difference - seems to be the bottom line here.

And that my friends, is what people like about former two term, then back to the real world, plain spoken Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson. I mean aside from the fact the he is a professionally trained orator capable of completing a sentence using only his own thoughts and no old cue cards from any political party campaign guru.

But he is no RNC/GOP golden boy, beholden to party powers and that’s why the RNC is more afraid of him than the DNC, who hopes to pass a bill making it illegal for Law and Order employees to run for political office as soon as possible. The last thing Democrats want to see is a TV debate between prosecutor Fred and Mrs. Bill Clinton, or worse yet, the freshman kid from Illinois with no resume at all.

Courtesy of JB Williams at the National Ledger

This is far more in depth than I could possibly show within the limits of fair use here. Go spend some time reading and thinking about the points made - and feel free to comment (Comments are open)

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Anoher Joe 6 pack said...

Best summary yet of Why we need Fred.

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