Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Anyone can run - will Fred thompson run?

Rather a slow Fred Thompson news day - most of the "news" was simply a rehash or repeat of things I have posted here. I guess that's the nature of getting out in front of things, whats old to you is new to others. But this is new - and its a decent opinion piece by someone who knows Fred Thompson well. As usual theres much more to this than I post here.

Unhappiness with the field turned Fred Thompson's appearance on ``Fox News Sunday'' on March 11 into ``the shot heard round the conservative world,'' according to Scott Reed, Bob Dole's former presidential campaign manager. Two weeks after that appearance, when Thompson said he was ``giving some thought'' to a run, he sprinted ahead of Romney, who has been running for a year.

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Fred Thompson could get in late and catch up fast. Out of public office for four years but not out of the public eye as the gruff and domineering prosecutor on ``Law & Order,'' he began his political career as the young counsel to Senator Howard Baker during the Watergate hearings.

He was elected twice to the Senate, but is drawing attention as much for playing Washington authority figures in the movies like the rear admiral in ``Hunt for Red October'' as for being one. He's an intellectual Reagan.

Courtesy of Margaret Carlson on Bloomberg.com

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