Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Fred Thompson?

Why is this blog here?
I am tired of voting Republican mainly because the other candidates are worse.

So what am I faced with now for Republicans in 2008?

More of the same from McCain, a questionable Liberal in Rudy Giuliani, and a host of single issue (Sorry Tom Tancredo) or low visibility (Sorry Sen Brownback) or fringe (Ron Paul) candidates.

So will I vote for any of them if they make it? Yes, but only out of self defense. Not out of passion, but of duty to ensure that we have a president that will at least be serious about winning "the long war", the war on terror (excepting Ron Paul who would have us surrender).

But, in the famous words of Yoda... "there is another..."

Fred Thompson in his words, his public stance, and his record represents the type of person I want as a president. I am excited about a candidate for the first time in a very long time. Fred makes me have hope, not resignation. Its so wonderful to feel that I have found a candidate I can vote for out of desire rather than duty.

This should help you decide if he is the kind of candidate you want to vote for instead of have to vote for. I know it has done so for me.

Ordinary Coloradoan, 15 March, 2007

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