Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fred Thompson doing well in polls, Blogger coins "The Fredinator"

More discussion of the poll results, this time an online Republican straw poll.

Fred Thompson is quickly making his presence felt online. He's currently crushing the competition in early voting in the GOP Bloggers March '07 online straw poll.

The Rest of the story

At deadline the top five vote getters were:

F. Thompson 38%
Giuliani 16%
Gingrich 14%
Romney 10%
Hunter 7%

Comparing these numbers with last month's results, we see Thompson stealing 13 points from Giuliani (previously at 29%), 8 points from Gingrich (previously at 22%), and 9 points from Romney (previously at 19%). Thompson is also the most "acceptable" option for conservative blog readers with 74% indicating they'd be willing to support him (55% of respondents tagged John McCain as "unacceptable").

Courtesy of Hotline Political Blog

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