Sunday, March 25, 2007

Fred Thompson beats Hillary Clinton in his first Rasmussen National Poll

Nice to see - but its WAY early. Just mark it up as another reason Fred Thompson should run. There is a lot of hard work and campaigning between now and the first primary/caucuses, not to mention the 2008 general election after the convention. Heck, we still need to convince FDT to declare as a candidate! So there is a lot of time until things start to really matter., and a lot of events too. But I have to say, this is nice to see so soon.

Fred Thompson, a movie star turned U.S. Senator turned TV star, has been publicly considering entering the 2008 Presidential Sweepstakes to fill what some see as a void in the Republican Primary field.

The first Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey involving Thompson shows the former Senator from Tennessee essentially tied with the Democratic front runner, Senator Hillary Clinton. It’s Thompson 44% Clinton 43%.

Courtesy of Rasmussen Reports

HatTip to Bob Waters at Iowans for Fred Thompson

Remember - in the article (you did read it didn't you?) Senator Thompson loses to Barak Obama by a large margin. And also remember that Sen McCain and Mayor Giuliani are still ahead of Fred by double digits in most Republican polls. So cheer a bit to yourself, and keep on spreading the word - we aren't event started yet, so don't act like we're done.

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