Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Conservative enough and can win in November?

Bill Hobbs has an interesting analysis of why Fred Thompson is getting so many excited, be sure to read it all.

(Quoting Curl in the Wash times) Some conservatives searching for a new Ronald Reagan are rejecting "Rudy McRomney" and seeking an alternative Republican presidential candidate, opening the door to dark-horse hopefuls, including former Sen. Fred Dalton Thompson and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.


And yet the fact that none of the Big Three is running away with the race also tells you that the group of conservatives seeking a conservative who can win in November is not yet convinced that any of the three can win the general election. Judging from the polls, Giuliani is doing best with this group, and Romney is doing the worst - though Romney's stock is rising and McCain's is falling.

All of that bodes well for someone like Fred Thompson, whose rating from the American Conservative Union is conservative enough, and who is widely perceived as a candidate who can win - and maybe even win big - in November 2008.

Courtesy of Bill Hobbs at Elephant Biz

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