Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another "The Next Reagan?" - and the answer is YES!

This time its from a site called Intellectual Conservative (what a great blog name!) Bruce Walker does an excellent point by point case for President - he even addresses the "Lazy" label some are trying to pin on FDT, the first person I have seen to cogently do so. There is a wealth of good argument from a prescient commentator, so be sure to take time and absorb the whole article.

Fred Thompson, in stark contrast, is a phenomenal communicator. His background as a film and television star combines perfectly with his background as a very persuasive trial lawyer so that he is not only comfortable in front of the camera or at the microphone, but his skills in rhetoric are unequaled in any major political figure since Senator Robert Taft over fifty years ago.

Second, Thompson has always walked the walk on ethical issues. ...

Third, Thompson would unite the whole leadership of the Republican Party. ...


Sixth, Thompson cannot be demonized. His whole life has been a study in how the American Dream works. His blue collar background, his constancy of moral purpose, his lack of ambition for power for its own sake, his palpable decency – all of these will make anyone who tries to slime him look awful and any attempt will backfire in sympathetic support for him.

Courtesy of Bruce Walker at Intellecutal Conservative
HatTip to ElephantBiz (and thanks for the mention and link to our little blog)

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