Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Spectator: Thompson-a-saurus Rex

What an amusing title! They are referring to Fred Thompson's large impact on the Republican Primary just by saying he's looking at running. And the latest polls back up that view.

Fred Thompson may have only floated the idea of the running for president, but that was enough to shake up the Republican nomination race. In the latest USA Today/Gallup poll, Thompson is already third, with 12 percent of the vote. With Thompson in the race, first place Giuliani drops to 31 percent from 44 percent in the last poll from early March, McCain actually ticks up to 22 percent from 20 percent, Gingrich drops 1 point to 8 percent, and Romney falls into a fifth place tie with Brownback, with just 3 percent of the vote (Romney was at 8 percent in the last poll).

Courtesy of Philip Klein in the AmSpecBlog on American Spectator

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